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Below are book reviews I've written for professional journals. Unlesss otherwise indicated, click on the book's title for the review.

THE U.S. SUPREME COURT: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION, by Linda Greenhouse. Jotwell, September 12, 2012.

STRATEGIC SELECTION: PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICES FROM HERBERT HOOVER THROUGH GEORGE W. BUSH, by Christine L. Nemacheck. Political Science Quarterly, forthcoming. (Click here for a pre-copy edited version of the review.)
“Who Shall Interpret the Constitution”: A Review of CONGRESS AND THE CONSTITUTION, edited by Neal Devins and Keith E. Whittington. Texas Law Review 84 (5) (2006): 1307-1315.

GREED, CHAOS, AND GOVERNANCE: USING PUBLIC CHOICE TO IMPROVE PUBLIC LAW, by Jerry L. Mashaw. American Political Science Review 92 (1998): 205
PUBLIC CHOICE AND PUBLIC LAW, by Maxwell L. Stearns. Law and Politics Book Review 7 (1997): 359-360.

BATTLES ON THE BENCH, by Phillip J. Cooper. Law and Politics Book Review 6 (1996): 23-26.

PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION, by Dennis J. Coyle. Law and Politics Book Review 3 (1993):105-108.

THE SUPREME COURT AND PARTISAN REALIGNMENT, by John B. Gates and THE JUDICIAL RESPONSE TO THE NEW DEAL, by Richard A. Maidment. American Political Science Review 87 (1993): 792-793.

THE POOR IN COURT, by Susan Lawrence. American Political Science Review 86 (1991): 245-246

THE HOLLOW HOPE, by Gerald Rosenberg. Law and Politics Book Review (1991):138-142.

IN DEFENSE OF AMERICAN LIBERTIES, by Samuel Walker. American Political Science Review 85 (1991): 251-252.

PACKING THE COURTS, by Herman Schwartz. Presidential Studies Quarterly 20 (1990): 855-857.

JUDICIAL REVIEW AND AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, by Albert Melone and George Mace. Presidential Studies Quarterly 20 (1990): 846-848.

A MOB INTENT ON DEATH, by Richard C. Cortner. American Political Science Review 84 (1990): 296-297.

JUDGES AND LEGISLATORS: TOWARD INSTITUTIONAL COMITY, by Robert Katzman, editor. American Political Science Review 83 (1989): 1387-1388.

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