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This archive contains .pdfs of the docket sheets and preliminary (pool) memoranda located in Justice Harry A. Blackmun’s Papers, in the Library of Congress. To view a docket sheet, memo, or both, click on the case’s docket number. To limit your search, search for a specific docket number, or change the number of results displayed, use the box below (“Refine Search”). For information on the Court’s decision-making processes click here (case selection) or here (cases the justices have agreed to hear and decide).

This archive was created and is now maintained by Lee Epstein, Jeffrey A. Segal, and Harold J. Spaeth, with support from National Science Foundation and the Northwestern University School of Law Beatrice Kuhn Research Fund and substantial research assistance provided by Ryan Black, Christina Boyd, and Michael Malecki (all at Washington University in St. Louis).

If you use the Archive, please cite to it as:

Lee Epstein, Jeffrey A. Segal, & Harold J. Spaeth, The Digitial Archive of the Papers of Justice Harry A. Blackmun (2007), available at: http://epstein.wustl.edu/research/BlackmunArchive.html.

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